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Saturday, 4 July 2015

How to defrag your drives the right way: 7 defrag tricks to learn today

Defragmenting your hard drive may be one of the quickest and easiest, yet effective ways to boost your computer's speed and improve performance. With hundreds of defragmenters available on the market, most offering multiple defrag and optimize options, how do you know what is right for your PC and what features you should use to maintain your hard drive in the best shape? In this article I will show you how to defrag your drives properly through 7 tricks that will help you get the results you are looking for. So roll up your sleeves and let's defrag!
Trick #1: Don't defragment junk!

Trick #2: Defrag only what needs to be defragged

Trick #3: Don't lose your system restore points!

Trick #4: If you are scared to touch that SSD, don't!

Trick #5: Put those files where they belong! The Defrag & Optimize feature in Auslogics Disk Defrag, besides defragmenting the files, consolidates free space on the drive, moves regular files out of the space reserved for the Master File Table (MFT) and moves system files to the front of the hard drive.

Trick #6: You don't need to wait for defragmentation to finish

Trick #7: Don't obsess! Or do, if you really like to.
Auslogics Disk Defrag lets you customize the cluster map appearance so you can select one of about a dozen looks, or pick a new look every time you defrag if you like. This is something you don't get with Windows built-in defrag tool. With Auslogics you can click on individual blocks on the map and see what files are located there, how many fragments they have and what their status is. And you get reports after every operation, so you can see what has been done and whether or why there are any fragmented files remaining.
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 Something else/got here by accident
How to defrag?

You've heard of fragmentation and what it does for your PC's performance, and you have finally decided to do something about it. That's a great start. You go online and look for tips on how to defrag your hard drive and find that you need a defragmenter to do this task, and that there is actually one built right into your Windows operating system. You research this program along with many third-party ones and decide that you want a defragger with more features and faster speeds. If you have decided to use the free Auslogics Disk Defrag, these tips will be especially useful for you, since I'll be using this software as an example.
  This is actually not so obvious to most users until someone mentions it, and then it makes sense. Everything you do on your computer creates temporary files that don't always get removed automatically. Emptying your recycle bin, browser cache and other temporary folders should be part of your standard maintenance routine, but doing it right before defragmentation is essential if you don't want to waste time and effort defragging loads of useless junk. So make it a rule - defrag after cleanup. Some defragmenters allow automating the task by offering the option to delete temporary files prior to defragmentation. If using Auslogics Disk Defrag, you can set the program to automatically clean up by going to the Settings tab in the main menu, choosing Program Settings -Algorithms and checking the box next to Delete temporary files before defragmenting. This will ensure you never miss this important step when defragmenting.
  Fragmentation is bad, and you may feel like you need to get every single file put back together, but it really isn't always necessary. Defragmenting certain files may have zero effect on performance, so processing them is not only a waste of time and effort, but may also shorten the hard drive's lifespan through excessive writing. What are those files? Large files that are broken up into large fragments generally don't need to be defragged. Microsoft sets 64 MB as the threshold after which fragments are considered to be too large to even be included in fragmentation statistics, so the built-in Windows defragmenter will not process file fragments larger than 64 MB or include them when calculating the percentage of disk fragmentation. Auslogics Disk Defrag gives you more power in determining how big is too big or whether you want all of the fragmentation eliminated regardless of the fragment size. You can configure your own threshold by going toSettings - Program Settings - Algorithms and set the minimum size for fragments to be skipped. It can be a number from 1 MB to 10 GB, or you may choose not to check this box and the program will process every single file.
  Lost system restore points in Windows are a common complaint with people using disk defragmenters on machines running Vista and later Windows versions. What happens is the defrag operation moves files around causing the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to create snapshots that overwrite older ones and cause restore points to get deleted. If you have VSS enabled on your hard drive, or if you are not sure if you do, the first thing you should do after installing Auslogics Disk Defrag is go to Program Settings -Algorithms and set the program to defragment in VSS-compatible mode. This prevents excessive growth of the VSS storage area and ensures that your system restore points will remain intact.
Not all defraggers have this option, so be sure to never use the ones that don't if you have VSS enabled.
  Defragmenting Solid State Drives (SSD's) is a controversial topic with most experts agreeing that it does more harm than good. Since SSD's don't have moving parts, reading data off of them is different as in considerably faster. Reading file fragments located in adjacent blocks is generally no different than reading fragments scattered all over the drive. What's more, modern SSD's may even break up files on purpose placing fragments in cells that haven't been heavily used, which is done to even out the wear that inevitably occurs with every write operation. Since defragmentation involves moving files around and therefore writing, it can cause excessive wear to an SSD.
Auslogics Disk Defrag lets you set the program not to show your SSD drive in the list of drives to prevent accidentally launching defragmentation for it.
  Defragmentation is half the job, as besides being whole, files need to be placed efficiently as to minimize the time needed to access them. Different defragmenters may use different optimization algorithms.
System files are files that are essential for your operating system. Their proper placement can do a lot for improving system performance. With use, these files may get scattered around the drive and make Windows look for them all over the place when it needs to access them. Good defragmenters give you the option to place system files at the front of the hard drive, where stuff gets read faster. In Auslogics Disk Defrag you can select this option in Settings - Program Settings - Algorithms. However helpful this may be, it makes defragmentation go much slower, so it's not something you would want to do every time you defrag. Use this feature once a week or even once a month, depending on how much use your PC normally gets.
  Although with modern defragmenters like Auslogics Disk Defrag you can continue using your PC while defragmentation is running, it is still a good idea to limit PC use or run the defrag when you are away from your computer, if you want to get the best results. Many people like to defrag at the end of the day, and there used to be advice to keep your PC on overnight for defragmentation to run. With Auslogics Disk Defrag you don't have to worry about waiting for the operation to complete or keeping your PC on for a whole night. You can simply check a box to shut down your computer after defragmentation, and your PC will be safely turned off when the defrag finishes.
  Defragmentation can be fascinating and many PC users find themselves sitting by the screen watching those squares on the cluster map move around and get combined into whole blocks. If you find yourself doing this, you are not alone. We can assume two things - you have possibly completely lost the point of defragmenting your hard drive, but, on the other hand, you may have found a perfect new entertainment or an effective new relaxation technique. Since defragmentation is supposed to make your computer faster and help you not sit and wait by the screen for tasks to complete, watching the defragmenter do its job seems to achieve the completely opposite effect. However, that's just on the surface. As opposed to waiting for typed letters to appear on a slow computer's screen, this activity can actually be quite enjoyable, especially if your defragmenter is a pleasure to look at.
  Defragmentation is still a necessary job even with modern day hard drives running the Windows OS. However, it really doesn't have to be a dreaded task or something you prefer not to even think about. With modern defragmenters like Auslogics Disk Defrag you can schedule the task for a convenient time, have your PC set to be shut down after the operation or really enjoy using your defragmenter with customizable looks. So the question is not whether to defrag, but how to defrag the right way, which I hope this article brings you a little closer to understanding.

What Is the Best Registry Cleaner 2015?

what is the best registry cleaner
When your computer becomes slow and cleanup and defrag doesn’t solve all your problems, a good thing to try is registry cleanup. Deleting obsolete entries from your PC’s registry will make your software and operating system respond better and your computer run faster. But what is the best registry cleaner to choose? Let’s find out.
First you should understand what the Windows registry is and how it works. The Windows registry is a massive database that stores every single setting for your computer – it’s responsible for your hardware, your operating system, your software, and all your user settings. Because of this the registry is accessed virtually all the time. The registry is also constantly updated with new data. For example, the registry is updated when you change your wallpaper, install a new program, save a document, or get rid of unwanted software. Because of the registry’s nature, it’s very important to keep it free of clutter. Obsolete entries and invalid references make the registry bloated, can make your computer really slow and result in various Windows errors. That’s why you need to find the right software and decide what is the best registry cleaner for you.
There are plenty of registry cleaners to choose from – just go to and choose from hundreds of registry cleanup programs.

But how to choose the best PC registry cleaner?

Well, that’s for you to decide. But a good registry cleaner has to meet certain requirements. In fact, some features and functions are an absolute must – otherwise the registry cleaner can do more harm than good. It can even kill your PC. So, here is what you need to look for when choosing a registry cleaner.
The first thing you should check is that the registry cleaner has positive user reviews. A good registry cleaner should have plenty of genuine positive reviews on various download websites. There are way too many bogus registry cleaners out there that can seriously damage your PC and even infect it with malware. That’s why you should be really careful.
Another thing you should consider is backup options. A good registry cleaner should offer to back up your registry before performing any sort of cleanup or fixing. Ideally, you should get an option to create a system restore point and create an individual backup of the registry. You should back up the registry because registry tuneup is a tricky business and sometimes things go wrong. That’s when you will need to apply a backup and revert the changes. Backup options are often an indicator of what is the best registry cleaner.
And last but not least, a good registry cleaner will never try to find too many errors. That’s because reliable registry cleaners only cleanup entries in safe categories and leave advanced PC settings alone. This makes the cleanup results predictable and improves PC performance. The answer to our question is the registry cleaner that finds hundreds rather than thousands errors.
Now you know what you should look for when deciding what is the best computer registry cleaner. Remember to maintain your PC registry on a regular basis and enjoy a faster computer.

Tips on How to Speed Up Internet Connection

Speed Up Internet Connection
This day and age we are used to life at its top speed thanks to various means of instant communication. That's why there are very few things that are more frustrating than slow Internet that can basically turn your life into a nightmare. Sometimes speeding up Internet is a simple question of upgrading your plan or changing your service provider.
However, sometimes even users who are paying for high speed Internet access can experience surprisingly slow Internet connection. Fortunately, there are ways to speed up Internet without having to change your ISP or buying a more powerful computer. Here are some tips on how to speed up your computer Internet connection without too much hassle.

1. Talk to your provider

First of all, call your service provider and check whether they are doing their job properly and delivering the service you are paying for. Or perhaps your package is outdated and the company will upgrade you to a better one either for free or for a small upgrade fee.
Keep in mind, though, that very few people are getting the top speed (remember the words "up to" in your contract?) because of distance exchange, congestion, and traffic shaping.

2. Find the browser that works for you

Most people still use Internet Explorer, even though it's not the fastest browser out there. If you are an active Internet user, it would be a good idea to check out different browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera to see which one works best for your connection type and your hardware configuration. For example, Chrome is particularly good for computers that are low on RAM, as it's not as memory hungry as Firefox and IE.

3. Tweak your router

If you are using a router, you can probably speed up Internet by adjusting the router settings. There are too many routers to give specific advice, but most routers can be tweaked to open up ports and boost your Internet speed. Just check the manual for things that can be done to improve performance or use Google to find answers for your particular router.
Before you do any tweaking, check whether you are close enough to the router when you use the Internet. Being too far away from it can make the connection really slow and unstable.
Another thing you should try before changing any settings is to restart your router. Sometimes this simple action can dramatically speed up your Internet connection.

4. Prevent unauthorized access

If you are using wireless Internet connection, make sure that you are not sharing it with the whole neighbourhood. The more people use your connection, the slower it is for you. So at the very least set up a WEP password to stop unauthorised users from using your Internet connection. Or if your hardware is compatible, set up WPA encryption.

5. Control your bandwidth usage

There are many applications that will use your bandwidth in the background, like Windows Update, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Real player, Adobe Reader updates, and other similar software. Most of them usually start automatically when you log on to Windows and connect to the Internet as soon as there is a connection. This means that these programs use your bandwidth when you are not actually using them.
Most of these applications can be configured not to start on Windows log-on or to at least ask permission to connect to the Internet. If you are not sure which programs are secretly using your bandwidth, you can use a free tool called Auslogics Task Manager. With the help of this program you can track which applications and processes are consuming your network traffic.
If your Internet connection speed dropped all of a sudden for no apparent reason, check your computer for malware and spyware. Malicious software often uses your Internet connection to send information to its developers.

6. Perform some basic PC maintenance

If your computer is slow, it doesn't matter how fast your Internet connection is – everything will be slow because you computer can't cope. The answer to that is to keep your computer in good shape and perform regular maintenance like disk cleanup and defrag, registry repair, and other tasks like monitoring your startup items and optimizing Windows services. This way you will not only speed up computer performance, but also speed up your Internet connection.
There are many tools that will help you do the job, from the Windows built-in ones to complete PC optimization suites like Auslogics BoostSpeed that offers one-click maintenance and advanced tools to improve computer performance even more. It also has a tool called Internet Optimizer that will help you optimize your Internet connection for maximum speed.

Node.js New Interview


Right click “Save as…”
Tomas uses some of the code from his Type Provider video to build an actual dynamic web application in F#. He takes it a step further by deploying the newly created web application to Azure Websites.
My favorite part of this video was that we actually deployed something (it is pretty funny actually). 
There are four videos in this series if you would like to skip around:
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Games: Clash of Clans andriod Apka File

This guide is all about how to download Clash of Clans APK file on your Android Smartphone as well as Computer very easily.
Clash of Clans is the game of hour and you simply can’t ignore playing it, if you’re really a gamer. Android and iOS have been improving a lot since last few years and one thing at which they are getting stronger and stronger, is the gaming. But affording such high-end and high-costing devices isn’t the case with everyone.
So if you wish to play Clash of Clans game then here is your chance. You can play it right on your computer. Even if you’re looking to try it on your smartphone or tablet first then it is also possible right here. Just be with me till end, it won’t take much time.
This guide is going to cover Clash of Clans APK download process and I’m going to make sure that you’re not finding any issues at all. Also you’re going to take away the latest APK from this genuine source, on which you can trust. I insist you to check out Clash of Clans for PC


You need to simply follow the link mentioned down here in order to grab your updated and latest package of Clash of Clans APK file. Once you have the file with you then you can transfer it to your Android device and get it install.
The file will take some time to get downloaded completely (off course not if you’re having super fast internet). Once its there then you can try using it on Android device or even on PC.
Please follow the guide given below so that you will always be able to get latest APK file of this game and 100% clean too.
  1. First of all visit from your mobile (Make sure to use default browser of your Android Smartphone only)
  2. Now visit this link and copy the complete URL i.e
  3. Now, paste it in the website we visited above in the first step and click on “Generate Download Link”
  4. Finally, the Clash of Clans Latest APK file is generated and ready to download.
Note : We don’t encourage you to download APK file of any game, this post should be taken as reference purpose only.
Yes, the same file can be used within BlueStacks to install the game. Just make sure that BlueStacks is installed at your computer and then open the APK file you downloaded within it.Clash-of-Clans-for-Windows-XP-7-8


Let’s talk about the game first. If you wish to skip this part (may be because you’re aware of each and every factor over here), then the part you’re interested in is at bottom, just scroll a little bit and you’ll find the next sub-title.
This game has been available in Strategy category and it is totally based on HD standard of graphics driver. You will find everything very clear and astonishing. Sound effects match perfectly with everything and you won’t face any issues or lags (unless your device isn’t compatible).
You will be offered a small village in starting itself with certain resources. Then, you need to use those resources according to a plan and get your village made up as quickly as possible.
Also See : How to Download Clash of Clans for Mac – Play
You got three different currencies to use and pay for resources and services. Those are gold coins, violet coins and gems. Gems are hard to find and earn, so spend them according to a long term plan.
Once you’ve enough coins then spend them up to buy troops and on their training. Once they are trained and you’ve enough troops to start with, then start attacking other villages on a row.
You will visit other village with your troops and then you need to use a strategy to draft and use your troops in order to win the battle and maximum loot. This is the sole aim of this game, to fight and increase your empire. But there are lots of people who will be attacking yours empire too, so keep things secured and well-upgraded.
I think you really liked this complete guide to download Clash of Clans APK file. Please keep on visiting this website.


When it comes to playing Android games on computer then there are not many good Android emulators available which actually work in reality. We all are aware of the fact that Android games and apps can be installed and played on computer but only if we find better and working Android emulator software, right? So here I’m sharing a perfect working guide with you which is definitely going to help you get Clash of Clans on PC download using YouWave.
You read it right! YouWave is going to be that Android emulator which we are going to use right on our computer to get done with this requirement. This is how we are going to move towards the installation process and I’ve try my best to keep everything simple and secure.
Note : If you don’t want to use YouWave Android Emulator to play Clash of Clans game on PC then we have another tutorial ready for you, easily get COC for PC with Bluestacks (Step by Step Tutorial)
Clash of Clans
Please Note : YouWave method stopped working, now we only prefer playing Clash of Clans for PC with Bluestacks.
==> (Working) Download Clash of Clans on PC with Bluestacks (Full Step by Step method including Screenshots)


All you need to do is to simply follow the steps mentioned down here in this guide and it will bring the game running at your computer with ease. Before starting make sure that your PC is running on latest version of graphics driver as it’s a prime necessity for the game to run well.
  • First of all you need to install YouWave if you want to play Clash of Clans for PC. If it’s already installed then skip first two steps. You can download YouWave installer file for free from its official website here.
  • Once you got the file downloaded then double click on the installer file you have right now and then follow on screen instructions as you see right there. This will install the software and it will take another few minutes.
  • Once it’s ready to use then start YouWave and choose the option of Free Trial to begin using it for free for next 10 days.
  • Now you need to launch Browser application from its Menu.
    • Open the official website of Google play store ( Use its search tool to find out Clash of Clans Android game.
  • At last click on game and then on ‘install’ option to finish job from your side.
  • You’ll be asked to login with your Google account and once it’s done, the installation will begin and will finish automatically.
This is it and I hope you didn’t found any trouble at all. I seriously think that you didn’t meet any trouble but even in other case then kindly write that trouble or issue you faced down in the comment section and we will bring the solution to be worked at your end to sort out that issue.
This game is a strategy one in which you need to create your own empire, create your own units, train them to become masters of wars and then start attacking other emperors to win their empires and resources.
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And to make it happen all you need is right strategy. Don’t hesitate in sharing this stuff with your social networking friends on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. You can use our simple to click sharing social buttons to get helped in social sharing.
I hope you are enjoying our website.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Internet:: Apne Mobile ki Touch Screen ko Saaf (Clean) karne ka easy Method

Aksar People es baat ke liye boht ziada Upset hote hain k apne Smart Phone ki Screen ko kesy saaf kiya jaye, Aaj main laya hun aap ke liye ak boht hi simple Trick jis ke help se aap bina Apni Touch Screen ko Damage kiye us ko clean (Saaf) kar sakte hain. So lets Start.

1. Microfiber Cloth:

Microfiber Cloth ak asia Kapra hain jo aap ke Mobile ki Sctreen ko clean karne k liye Specially banaya gaya hai. es k zariye Clean karne se apki Screen bilcul bhi Damage nahe ho gi. Microfiber Cloth aaj kal almost every Market main available hai. and ye Itna mehnga bhi nahe hota hai.

2. Turn it Off:

Mobile ki Screen ko saaf karne se pehaly Mobile ko Off kar dain, Es ka faida Kiya hoga? 
Es ka faida ye hoga ke Mobile ko off karne ke bad apko wo daagh easily nazar a jate hain jo Screen pe hote hain.

3. Clean it in Circles: 

According to an American study Mobile Phone ki screen ko Circle main clean karna Chahiye, Means that Microfiber cloth ko dairo (Circle) main move karna chahiye.

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