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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

20 Tips to Make Your Blog Popular

Are you thinking to create an effective and successful blog? Fine, it's very good thought. If you want to be a successful blogger means simply follow this step,


Content is a first step to create an efficient blog. Set purpose and style for your content and then focus subject which you want to provide audience. Be clear in your content and purpose. Always write unique content.

On page

On page is must to blog to improve search results. If your organic search results increased means you can get lot of visitors. So you need to know about on page optmization and also set it on your blog.

Good Design

Always think in reader's side. Your blog must be with good design or template. It does not affect your reader's eyes. Background and designs or not affect your content. Your navigation, layout, and basic resolution will be good. Create or modify template. Also test this for most used web browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla firefox, internet explorer etc.

Text Color

The effect or colors in log is important role. Because of too many strong and irritating colors like red, yellow are decrease the visitors count.

Web page Loading Speed

If your blog is getting too late to show web page, you think is this good? If your answer "No", first go to follow the steps to increase page load time.

Analyze Your Competitions

Always give unique and best. Find which your subject not discussed before. So do website competitor analysis to blogs or websites and then be different them.

Be different

Always give preference to subject. Create something different to explain your subject. But it must be easy to your readers. You can explain cleared images and videos that should be matter. Don't use Google copied images. It's boring to your readers.

Target the audience

You always write for your readers. Isn't it. So write articles about which your reader wants to read. Readers only will change your blog to successful position.

Related Posts

Your blogs receive large percentage of visits by search engines only like Google, yahoo, bing. So your readers will stay maximum time on your visited page. For this you can use related posts in each page. So you can link the related previous post within the content. It will increase your page rank also.

Mobile version blog

Nowadays many users are using mobiles and tablets for browsing. So also make your blog as mobile friendly website.

Use Reference

If you are using informative related article you can give reference link, videos related to your articles. It will more helpful to readers. So they create positive thought about your blog, by result they visit often to your blog.

Use simple language

Always write simple language with detailed information. Detailed means information, not about length. Don't use over grammatical words. Those type of articles not use to basic level users. Don't forget it.

Write Short and simple

Don't write long texts or long sentence. It's only suitable for literature. For blog, write short and simple articles. Always going straight to the point.

Avoid background music

If your blog apart from music means don't use auto play background music. It's very irritated to users. By using background music you can lose your visitors.

Animations and ads

Animations like flash and ads will increase your page load time, so think twice before using it.

Update regularly

Update your blog regularly by posting at least twice per week. If you do not post regularly you cannot gain visitors to your blog.

Increase interactions

Create promotions and announce events for increased interaction between blogger and visitors. Also answer your reader's comments, doubts, and emails. Be active in this part. This will increase website traffic and reliability on your blog.

Provide RSS Feed

A good blog needs to have a Feed. Through this way visitors can read your new post instantly.

Participate in Social Networks

Social networks really helps to readers find your blog. Social signals like facebook likes, comments, twitter tweets are more powerful to increase search engine ranking .

Commenting on others Blog

Find other blogs in your niche and make related, attentive comments on them. Put url in within your comments. You got traffic once the comments approved.

Final Words

If you follow the above ways, definitely your blog will be popular. Best of Luck!!

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