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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Best Free SEO tools for Bloggers Should Use

seo tools
Free SEO tools are good weapons for bloggers to ranks well in search engines. Google SEO tools which are amongst the best SEO tools are really a good time saver.

Some top SEO tools for blogger

Free SEO tools are brilliant thing for the bloggers who wants to improve search engine ranking like Google, Bing or yahoo. Below we have discussed about some of the free tools which can prove very much effective for you-

Google Webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools is one of the best tools you can get online for SEO purposes which is owned by search engine giant Google. It is the best SEO tool you can get online due to some of its advantages like-
  • Allow to submit the whole sitemap for blog
  • Submit to Google index
  • Help to get organic traffic
  • Calculate the backlinks
  • Help to fix 404 errors
  • Statistics for impressions, page views, traffic source
  • Provide the list of search queries
Hence bloggers should use this tool which is one of the best Google SEO tools to implement a good SEO strategy for your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytical tool of Google which is one of the best gifts from Google to the bloggers. By using this analytical tool a blogger or webmaster can implement their websites to get the various statistics about their website which include-
  • Site speed of your website
  • statistics about content page views
  • Traffic sources
  • Real time overview of your website

Bing Webmaster tools

Bing webmaster tools is another great tool which is also one of the best SEO tools you can get online which is very much similar to Google webmaster tools and owned by Bing which is a search engine of Microsoft.

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is another important tool you can get online which is implemented by many webmasters and bloggers. This tool also has some useful features which make it very much useful like-
  • Check Page rank
  • Check alexa ranking
  • Checking page indexing
Hence SEO Quake is one of the best Free SEO tools you can get online and this tool is very much helpful to perform the right SEO activities.

Ahrefs Site Explorer

Ahrefs site explorer is also a great and free SEO tools by which you can check the back links of your website or blog i.e., number of back links, location of the back links and also you can get the information about whether it is a do follow or no follow back links.

Final Words

These types of tools are very much popular amongst the bloggers. There are many bloggers even webmasters are also rely on some best SEO tools which are very much effective for quick rankings and also a great source to drive unlimited traffic from search engines.

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