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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Career Articles » I rather sink than swim

I rather sink than swim
(Rabia Hashim, )

Life is not always bed of roses. That is why there are times that come on people when they decide to quit. Problems are the part of life and no one can live a life without any problem. But there are some problems that have simple solutions. Sometimes when you face such tragedies that are very much heart breaking you can decide to commit suicide or may be become some kind of psychological patient. But this is not the way to live. It is not easy to make someone committed for working out. People who loose their confident easily are not easily convinced to get up again. There are some simple ways by which you can increase your confidence.

There are three main things that need to be catering when you plan to overcome your nature of quitting everything. These three basic things are fear, boredom and loss. These are the three key elements that can make your life heaven or hell. Let us discuss that how these three things can affect your life and how can we overcome this.

Fear can put your will power and confidence down at anything and anytime. 
• You need to trust you self and must not get scared from anything. 
• For example some of you can be scared of starting new business. There is always risk factor in any kind of business. If you do not try to take part in new business how can you learn new things in life? 
• Take example of child, when he starts to walk he falls down many times but try again and again. You can take inspiration from them. 

• Try to make your life busy in daily routine. 
• Read inspirational books that could raise your morale.
• Meet friends and socialize yourself that will help you to feel better and enjoy life.
• When you try to make your life busier, you will feel more confident and will start thinking positively about life.

• Any kind of loss in your life can make you feel low and down.
• These losses can be physical loss or financial loss.
• Do not make yourself tensed about the past events that gave any kind of loss to you. Try to start working with new spirit, new zeal and new hope.

So, these are some of the basic ways you can try to make your self confident and happy about the life. The motivation towards the life is very much important. These tips might not resolve all of your issues but yes it can make your lives better. Experiencing difficulties make you strong enough to face all the ups and downs of the life. So, try to be a brave human being.

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