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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Career Articles » Solution of un-employment lies in skill development

Solution of un-employment lies in skill development
(Tariq Ibrar , Jammu (J&K))

In the present times, the whole world including our country as well as our state is infested with the problem of un-employment. Till the beginning of the 20th century, every body could got employeed without any much difficulty. If the deptt. Of police or defence forces could get a good physique youth, they adjusted him without any hinderance & objection. The primary pass youths could be easily adjusted in education or in any other deptt. This is only because the jobs were much but the working force was low. So, a job as easily available. Besides, well off families & the zamindar community feel it awkward to go for Govt. jobs even the British Govt. had to face a number of difficulties to employ the Indians, than they implemented their own policies to make education common & provided incentives of luxury to mould them. Then slowly the trend of education developed in the youth & a large number of youth began to take admission in the educational institutions & after obtaining degrees they got the chances of employment. Thre result of the increased trend in education was increased in the number of educated youth.Then for the menial employment like the class 4th category higher qualified youth applied. Now a days, youth with the M.A, M.Sc, M.Phil & Ph.D degress are standing in ques for the employment. In other words, we can say that while in the 20th century employment was easily available but in the modern times due to the availability of high qualified degree holders, the Govt. job has became an uphill task.

Earlier the rulers were asking the youths to pass 10th or 12th & get a chance of getting Govt. jobs/ Today these political leaders are themselves concerned on seeing the long ques of un-employed youths. They also issue statements for setting up of self-employment units, for which the Govt. provides loans. But in the opinion of the author the benefits of the various welfae schemes of the youth does not reaches to the deserving ones. Perhaps, it may be one of the reasons of corruption & scams. I do not want to indulge in the discussions that why the benefits of the different schemes does not reaches to the deserving youths. Surely, I advise my youth friends to become skilled because the solution of employment lies in it. In other words, we can say that “Soloution of un-employment is in the skill development.In my view skill means to get expertise in any work i.e painting, computer operator, blacksmith, art of calligraphy, making eatables, toy making, tailoring, healthy journalism, a good typist etc. Besides, there are a number of professions, which a man can adopt as his career, depending upon his capabilities. These skills, besides livelihood can be a source of fame. 

Today there are a number of youths in our society, who inspite of higher degrees are still un-employed. They do not try to any art but deems it awkward. Any how a person who besides high qualifications have some skill, no body can stop or deny them from the success. In other words educational qualification + skill is the additional qualification of a person, whose career brightens with it. Perhaps that is the only reason why “Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi had advised the children to adopt a craft at primary level”. Besides, he had made it a part of the syllabus & made it compulsory, so that a child being an educationist can also become a skilled man. He wanted to teach the children all the subjects like economics, mathematics, chemistry etc. Through art, so that a child knows its pros & cons & in the hour of need assist their parents economically also. When a person gets skill, it bring self-confidence in him which helps him in the struggle of life. Some people struggle for achieving more & more degrees in life & does not have any skill. As as result they are forced to suicide. The persons who are hard-working surely succeed. These young ones of the lazy & lethargical ones. These young ones should be taught that “God has bestowed capabilities in each & every person”. Most of the people are in this mis-understanding that they can not do anything. It is nothing but only a psychological fear in them. If he tries, he can do anything. Sometimes it is sen that when the psychological fear of these people is done away, they perform extra-ordinary activities. Therefore, at least muslim youth should adopt skill with their education & if they have to face hardships in attending it, they should overcome these hardships & consider it an examination.

I remember a lesson from my teacher, when I was a school going child. He told that a student learnt electrician work with his usual studies. When he returned late from the school, his mother enquired about it from him. He told his mother that after school hours I am going to learnt electrician work. Mother told him that why you are wasting time. We are sending a vulgar work. You need only to concentrate on studies but he did agree on it, instead continued learning electrician work with his usual studies. Time passed and he completed his education. He had passed M.A English & was optimistic that he will get a good job. He moves from one office to another with his degrees but could not get any job & returns disappointed. At last, he was forced to began electrician work. By which he could not only meet his domestic expenses but become a source of income to the hundreds of un-employeds. Now the persons with high qualifications are moving towards his office for seeking a job. This all happened due to his skill, as he attained skill while studying. So he was saved from starvation & begging. We should also learn skill while studying because now a days a man without any skill can not lead his life comfortably. What type of skill is, it will not allow a man to die starvingly.Skill creates self-confidence in a man, skill adds to the capabilities of a man & he become able to play a role in the economic field of the nation. We have several examples of that in the modern world such as the invention of Steam Engine by George Staffin, Aeroplane by Wright brothers etc. Beside we can quote the examples of Tata, Mittal, Sahara, Ambanie’s etc. It should not be understood that relinquishing education, only the art should be learned but I categorically means that after attaing education instead becoming a burden on the Govt., try to support the Govt. & the state. Because un-employment is taking an ugly turn especially in the J&K State. So, my personal opinion is that the schemes meant for the welfare & making them artesians by the Govt. should be strictly implemented at the gross root level, so that corruption & scams do not effect it. The youth should also borne it in mind, that till the art is not developed in the state, till then the problem of un-employment can not be solved. Our state is world famous for fruits, Arts and crafts. Our ancestors had not made it a source of income but had also gained fame by it. Then there is no reason that we should remain away from this art. Why we are not becoming a part of development by implementing this craft. So, I requested all my friends to learn skill also with the education. So that we can play an important role in the development of our state & make world aware of the research of our ancestors. So that the world could be forced to describe it a heaven on earth.

About author: He is a journalist and associated with Daily Udaan(J&K), and can be reached [a] E-mail:

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