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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Career Articles » Success Lies in Self-Esteem

Success Lies in Self-Esteem
(Iram Tahir, Lahore)

When God created humans He blessed every person with attributes which became part of his our personality and we need to recognize and polish them in the best way we can in order not to waste God’s blessings upon us.

A survey shows that 95% of people around the world underestimate themselves whereas self esteem means being happy with who you are, the way you are. Self esteem is an important factor in some body’s success as it enlightens the persons’ abilities and makes him feel growing a head of its competitors. This feel of real growth and advancement in this era of competition gives the person the happiness and motivation to pluck the stars in the sky. On the other hand people with low self esteem feel their pace far slower than the pace of the world and feel as they are shunted ones by the society. They feel that they have nothing to offer the world and the world does not have anything to offer them! They do have desires to fulfill, they do want to grow but they just want it, don’t try their luck and lack passion and practical approach to gain things for themselves. They wait for some divine power to bestow upon them everything they need. They feel as hesited in accepting challenge and facing risks as if with their single step they will find themselves in abyss.

Low esteem people face difficulties in every walk of life. But to pluck the stars and to get success, one has to be very strong and practical.

Here are some causes of low self esteem and ways to over come them.


To be shouted at, ridiculed or told off is very demoralizing. People may criticize and discourage you, but do not tolerate all the harassment and give them strong response, though it’s best to ignore them. Make yourself confident and be determined at your task and let others know that you are not afraid of them and that you have faith in your capabilities.


Develop the habit of expressing your ideas and emotions. Do not underestimate your ideas and discuss them with your friends and family and try to polish your ideas, try to seek light from others experience of life, learn from others knowledge and ideas and try to begin your knowledge from where others knowledge ends. It will develop in you the confidence of being more informative.


This is one of the most pinching ways to damage some one’s self esteem. Usually it starts from your family, your parents compare you with your siblings and with your successful cousins in the family and friends compare you with high scoring students in your class then being dishearten you find no place on the earth to hide yourself. But ones again suggestion is there not to loose the heart and try your best to prove your capabilities.


High hopes within you keep you motivated but high hopes of others associated with you can be problematic. So, if your parents expect too much, make sure you tell them that you are giving things your best shot. In this way they will understand if you do not come up to the mark.

Faisal gave up studies altogether when he failed to get admission in AQMC ( Allama Iqbal Medical College ). The weird part is that he did not even try to get admission in any other college or medical university, nor did he go for another qualification_ as the adage goes:

“ Opportunity will drop into your lap if you place your lap where opportunity


Person should fight for his dreams to come true.


It acts as a poison for confidence. Never let your self get pessimist because like this you will find yourself in position of doing nothing at all. Hard time never lasts long. Be optimistic in every situation because

Ever cloud has a silver lining


Many teens today are sufferings from anorexia, most of them being girls of course. Every one is unhappy with the way they look and want to have thinner, prettier bodies. But come on, it is not necessary to match your self with any model or actress, infact it does not matter at all. What matters is to fall at certain high merit. As there is a beautiful saying:

Charm strikes a sight but merit wins the soul

It’s very important to realize what your potentials are, and appreciating your capabilities. If you do something good, don’t say anyone could do those, instead be proud that YOU did that thing. When you start believing you deserve best, you will find that you are getting it.

High self-esteem will definitely change your life and your way of viewing things.

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