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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How to Make Money Online with Pinterest

We all like to make money. What we have never seems to be enough that is a common human condition. Pinterest is a unique and easy way to make money for anyone. This article will tell the user how to make money through pinterest without paying the website any money. The user must note that they need to have a Pinterest account and their own website before hand. Without these the information is no good.

Ways to Make Money:

Post about your Selling Product

The user can post a link from their website on the pin board of their pinterest account. The user must also provide some text and pictures of what they are selling on the website. Often people who pin the user’s link of different pin boards are rewarded by the website in some way.

Post attractive quotes and pictures

Most people using pinterest today will not really pay attention to just texts. Putting put attractive quotes or pictures of the product that the user will sell is very important. Once the user has the consumer’s attention half the battle is won. Often posting videos of what further information the consumer can get by visiting the users website is very beneficial. The video could also tell consumers about the product through testimonials or be a simple advertisement.

Incentivize people who regularly use pins

There will always be certain number of people who will regularly use pinterest. The user must target these people and not only get them to pin their link elsewhere but also incentivise them through discounts, free vouchers, etc. so that they continue to spread awareness about the product.

Show happy consumers

When shopping from a new website the consumer will very often have cold feet. But this doubt of the unknown is somewhat mitigated if the user puts up videos from satisfied consumers. The user must take care that these testimonials come from people who have not only used the product but also used Pinterest to purchase the product. This tells the consumer that they are not the 1st ones to take the fall.

Give a discount

All consumers like to save money and bargain. The most used method on online selling is giving the consumer a discount on product or quantity when purchased online. Often this does help to generate sales. But one innovative way is to allow the consumer to place bid for the product and then coming to a negotiation for the price. This will leave the consumer happier as they will fell more empowered by the retail website.

Some products that are currently being sold using Pinterest are: E-Books, Electronic Equipment, Furniture, Real estate, etc. Almost everything other than food products are being sold online with the help of Pinterest. A new market is waiting for the consumer, hurry lest the competition gets the 1st movers advantage and runs away with the profit.

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