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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Important Factors of On Page Optimization SEO 2013

Onpage optimization refers to the elements of a website or web page (HTML code). The most reliable form of marketing your products is through SEO. All business websites are optimized as per the algorithm of the search engines.
SEO needs a continuous activity for results. It is mainly divided in to 2 categories off page and on page optimization which includes different activities. All the activities in the website come under on page optimization. Activities for promoting business on external sites are known as off page optimization.
Changes usually do on website come under on page. There are various small and big on page activities which can help in improve google ranking. The top way to improve ranks on page includes
on page seo factors

Important factors of On Page SEO

  • Site design
  • Keywords
  • Meta Tags
  • Title Tags
  • Alt Tag
  • File Size

Keywords and Site design

A detailed study of the website, with keywords research can help you a lot in your success campaign. If your research goes wrong, i.e. if your researched keyword is wrong your websites will yield no result. Therefore it is important that you keep your on page perfect for a kick start activities.

Meta Tags and Title Tags

Once you are done with researching your keyword then move to the next park that would be implementation on websites. For this you need to create Meta tagsand title tags for your pages. Without tags it would be difficult to see results from SEO activities. Title tags is the most basic SEO techniques and therefore should be done professionally and uniquely


Most people prefer searching something with image. Image grabs a lot of attention in SEO world. With proper image link on your content can create huge traffic. It is very much helpful when you are trying to create links to your website for off page optimization. Image uploaded on same domain where the content is given adds more value to your website. It is with the algorithms that are used to select image for Google image. Upload your image from main server rather than from any free site.

Alt Tag

Images can create more organic traffic and therefore it is necessary to optimize necessary images present in the website. Optimizing images with Alt tagsincreases the chances of your website to appear in the search engine more often than usual. If you look at your traffic statistics you would realize that good traffic comes from search images and therefore it is important that you use proper Alt tag. Don’t attempt to write an entire story on Alt tag. It should be short and descriptive.

File name

Most search engines are based on text and cannot read images. Only with File name, search engines can understand what the image is all about. It is important that you use a relevant file name. Avoid using camera name example DSC1200 as this does not give information about the image. Use keywords separated with hyphens.

File Size

Images can make your page load slowly. The image size can be a major factor. With Google panda update the time has became a majored algorithm. It is important that you keep your files light so that people don’t have problem downloading it. Gif format is the most preferred format for web user to upload photos. It is important that you regularly update your content and blogs.
SEO Loves fresh content regularly. It makes the competition tough .Try changing your images too and also layout. Website with no changes usually falls off in the rank.

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