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Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Idiom Starting With O

Off On The Wrong Foot: 
Getting a bad start on a relationship or task.

Off The Hook: 
No longer have to deal with a tough situation.

Off the Record: 
Something said in confidence that the one speaking doesn't want attributed to him/her.

On Pins And Needles: 
Anxious or nervous, especially in anticipation of something.

On The Fence: 

On The Same Page: 
When multiple people all agree on the same thing.

Out Of The Blue: 
Something that suddenly and unexpectedly occurs.

Out On A Limb: 
When someone puts themself in a risky situation.

Out On The Town: 
To enjoy yourself by going out.

Over My Dead Body: 
When you absolutely will not allow something to happen.

Over the Top: 
Very excessive.

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