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Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Idiom Starting With P

Pass The Buck: 
Avoid responsibility by giving it to someone else.

Pedal to the metal: 
To go full speed, especially while driving a vehicle.

Peeping Tom: 
Someone who observes people in the nude or sexually active people, mainly for his own gratification.

Pick up your ears: 
To listen very carefully.

Pig In A Poke: 
A deal that is made without first examining it.

Pig Out : 
To eat alot and eat it quickly.

Pipe Down: 
To shut-up or be quiet.

Practice Makes Perfect: 
By constantly practicing, you will become better.

Pull the plug: 
To stop something. To bring something to an end.

Pulling Your Leg: 
Tricking someone as a joke.

Put a sock in it: 
To tell noisy person or a group to be quiet.

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