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Sunday, 6 July 2014

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Examination Hall
(Umair Ahmed, Lahore)

23rd May 2009. I'll be on my exams. The good thing is that i already know questions that will be asked but the worst thing is that i am not ready for it. If i get fail even knowing the questions prior to exams, i certainly deserve penalty. 

Grave is our examination hall and we already know the questions that will be asked but never getting ready for that. Why!!! Don't we deserve penalty for that???. 

We participate in a stage drama. We go for full dress rehearsal in order to make sure that nothing goes wrong. There is plenty of difference when you face the reality and when you practice. Same goes here, I bet if a person goes to grave yard and try lying down in a grave and thinks for a while that angels will right away coming to ask questions from you, you will certainly forget the world. This world is temporary and we are after it and not struggling for what is long lasting and is a real world.

Think of it... If you a living, you have a chance but once grounded, nothing can help you.

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