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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Religion Articles » Jinn one of the creations of Allah

"Jinn": one of the creations of Allah
(Muniza Wasi, KARACHI)

Allah is almighty; He has all the powers in all the worlds. Human beings, animals, angels, demons, sea creatures and djinns are all his creations, every thing that is around us which can be seen or is hidden, is Allah’s. Like human beings all other creatures should worship and fear Allah, and the message of Islam is for all of them, those who accept this are Muslims while others are non Muslims. 

Jinni or demons are basically fiery creatures that are not visible to every one; they can transform themselves into any thing, assume the shape of any human or animal etc. They could be friendly, clever, cruel, mischief makers or great nobles. They have great tribes and enjoy a very long life; some are even heard to live thousands of years. They have great powers as well; the events of the life of Hazrat Salman A.H. are very popular; as he ruled upon the jinni, devils and demons as well. They could travel long distances in a flash, build great buildings, with their might in no time in a blink. There had been great scholars among them who sought for education in different parts of the world belonging to different tribes of the super naturals; whose identity was only revealed to their teachers. 

There is also an event well known from the life of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him); that a tribe of jinni came to meet him and accepted Islam as to be their religion. They further on passed this message to others of their sorts. This way a Muslim community generated among the jinni; and those who became obstinate, rejected the message proving to be on the path of Satan; thus called to be as non Muslims. 

The population of jinnis is greater than human beings; they are three times more in number considering certain references although the correct census can not be acheived obviously.The life of jinnis is different from human beings, they live in large groups and they prefer to live in deserted and dark places; but since the population is multiplying day by day by leaps and bounds, there are really very few deserted areas left; may be that is the reason the sightings and presence of jinnis is heard and felt so often by people now, and the number of victims of the mischiefs of this creature is increasing continously.

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