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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Social Media Boost Your Blog Search Engine Rankings

Now-a-days social media plays a huge role to improve website's search engine rankings. It is going to be one the vital part of SEO and of course a great way to reach at target audience.

Role of Different Social Networking Sites in Search Engine

In current scenario, it is going to see that there is a huge role of Social Media to determining the rankings of search engines. It has a huge impact on search engine optimization and day by day. Now let’s have a look about various social networking platforms and how they help to get good rankings,


Facebook is the largest social networking sites of the world and facebook business page plays a vital role in getting a good ranking in all major search engines in the following ways,
  • Facebook likes is the best source of increasing inbound links of your website which has a great impact on search engine results
  • Facebook business Page has a great Page rank value which will very good for high rankings search engine In this way facebook plays an important role in SEO and also a great source of increasing your sales trough facebook pages.


Google+ is the best social networking platforms to get a good ranking because it is an initiative of search engine giant Google. For this reason important of Google+ in increasing day by day and there are lots of people or business organizations joining this social networking platform?. Thus if you are a business owner then you must have a Google+ profile because
  • Google always give a better priority to its own product. So there is a chance of getting quick indexing by the use of Google+
  • As it is Google’s own initiative then it is very much easy for them to integrate numerous data from your Google plus profile which will helps to get a good search engine rankings
  • Google treated Google plus profile or pages like a regular website.
  • There is a chance of getting quick indexing by the use of Google+


LinkedIn is a one of the popular social media platforms which is also has great effects in search engines. Sharing your content on this social networking sites and post about various topics on your LinkedIn profile or business page we can also able to get a good quality links which will eventually boost your rankings.


Twitter is a very popular social networking site and also has a great impact on search engines. In business world importance of twitter is growing day by day because
  • It is a great source of sharing links of various pages of business website which is also get a good value for the rankings in search engine
  • Very much effective to reach at large number of customers in very shortly
Thus twitter also a great social media platform which has a great effect on Search Engine Optimization(SEO)


Pinterest is also a popular social networking site but it increasing it popularity in a rapid way which is also a great role in SEO of a business website.
Social networking sites are getting its importance in rapid way which will help to boost your search engines rankings and there is believe that in coming days it will be the strongest platform for getting a good rankings in search engine.

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