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Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Idiom Starting With T

The Ball Is In Your Court: 
It is your decision this time.

The Best Of Both Worlds: 
There are two choices and you have them both.

The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall: 
While the bigger and stronger opponent might be alot more difficult to beat, when you do they suffer a much bigger loss.

The Last Straw: 
When one small burden after another creates an unbearable situation, the last straw is the last small burden that one can take.

The Whole Nine Yards: 
Everything. All of it.

Third times a charm: 
After no success the first two times, the third try is a lucky one.

Tie the knot: 
To get married.

Til the cows come home: 
A long time.

To Make A Long Story Short: 
Something someone would say during a long and boring story in order to keep his/her audience from losing attention. Usually the story isn't shortened.

To Steal Someone's Thunder: 
To take the credit for something someone else did.

humor, not to be taken serious.

Turn A Blind Eye: 
Refuse to acknowledge something you know is real or legit.

Twenty three skidoo: 
To be turned away.

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