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Friday, 18 July 2014

Top Blogging Mistakes to Avoid By Blogger

Some avoidable blogging mistakes

Blogging is now-a-days very essential method for increasing Traffic of a website and also an easiest way to getting popular in the web world which is very much essential for generating more sales through internet. But some times there are many bloggers has done some mistakes which can cause them badly. You should avoid that type of mistakes if you want to shine in the web world as a blogger. Here are avoidable mistakes which is discussed below-

Too long Post

It is a most common mistake make by a blogger to post a long article. But it is not good to attracting visitors at your blog. A visitor at your blog can get irritate if he or she have to read a long article and besides it also not liked by the search engines. Thus the best way to become a successful blogger you should
  • keep your blog post Short and informative
  • Keep the word limits of content between 300 to 800 words which is best for attracting visitors and search engine too.
Hence you shouldn’t post a too long article at your blog which is one of the major blogging mistakes and should be avoided at any cost by a blogger to become successful and attract a huge number of visitors and enhance the sales volume.

Not willing to interact with some other bloggers

It is very much essential to interact with other bloggers in order to acquire some more knowledge about your niche. But there are some bloggers who is not willing to interact with some other bloggers which is not good as you have to be more social if you are starting a blog. There are numerous ways to interacting with a blogger-
  • Add them in your e-mail contacts
  • Leave a comment at their which is a great internet marketing strategy
  • Befriend them in your social media profiles
  • Share their posts in various social networking sites

Blogging only for the money

There are many bloggers whose main motive to just earn money through blogging which is not a very wise thing. Money shouldn’t be your only focus.

Avoid to being personal

There is a huge mistake done by some bloggers that they sometimes become less personal. A blogger has a personal entity and he is not a company. So there are some tips to become more personal
  • Include a about me page at your blog
  • Do not refer yourself in a blog post as”we”.
  • Insert a photo or image of yourself in your blog
In this way you can attract a huge number of visitors at your blog which is a greatinternet marketing strategy which a blogger should implement to achieve success.

Not updating regularly

Some people forget to update their blog regularly which is a major blogging mistakes a blogger should avoid. To become a successful blogger you should update your blog regularly so that readers will visits again to read your new articles.


As throughout the world there are an increasing number of internet savvy people hence popularity of blogging is growing in a rapid way. It is very much essential for a business organization to make a strong online presence which can be very much beneficial for a business.

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