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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Get Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Saga | Tricks & Tips

Hi Friends,
Today almost everyone in youth have their own Android Phone. And most of the android users are addicted to play Candy Crush Saga game on their phone as well as on Facebook.

Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Saga
No Waiting for lives
Candy Crush becomemost popular game to play on Android platform nowadays, but the sad part is, it allows only 5 lives a time to play. If you lost all of your 5 lives then you have to wait half an hour to collect each new life. That means you have to wait at least for 2 and an half hour to collect all of your 5 lives back.

I know that the waiting is so boring in life. The games are made to pass the time and this game make us wait to play. Disgusting. Isn't it?

How would you feet if I sayyou can have unlimited lives to play Candy Crush Saga. Oh, you have a smile on your face. Well, I know that every player of Candy Crush Saga (including me) wants to play this game without any interruption.

So friends, here I am presenting you the trick to have unlimited lives to play Candy Crush Saga. In Actual it not unlimited lives but the trick will destroy the waiting time which goes to active new lives. Yes now you do not have to wait to activate your new lives.

Here is the Trick -
From now whenever you play Candy Crush Saga, just play it as usual and when you lost your all the lives, do not wait for new life to be activated. Instead just clear all the cache memory of your Android phone and then set your phone time more than 3 hours from the current time. for example if the real time is 11 AM when you lost all of your lives, set your phone time to more than 2 PM after clearing all the cache memory.

Now restart the Game and you will have all of your 5 lives activated. Have fun for another 5 lives. You can repeat this method as many as times you want to. This trick is also can be applied to the "Quest play" to unlock new stages. It requires 24 hours to unlock each Quest, so you will need to set your phone time more than a day. That's it. It's really works. I did it many time. Have a Great Game.

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