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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How to choose a Topic for Blog ?

Dear Friends,
In this post, I will tell you about How to choose a subject well known as topic of the blog.

I am going to start from an strange line -
Blogger Tips
How to choose topic for blog
"I know that you want to be a successful blogger because you want to earn some money out of it. It's true, but it is my advise to you that you should not think about earn money and you will earn a lot of money"

Confused ???
Let me explain - If you think about earning money in the beginning, you will think or search about the money making hot topics, may be you think blogger's help is good topic to write about, because there are a lot of bloggers around the world and they search for some tips as you are searching right now. And you will start a blog on bloggers help. But just think about it, if you don't know about blogging, how will you give some tips to other new bloggers?

First you need a Subject, a Topic to write about. This topic could be anything that you want but I will suggest you to choose a topic which do relate to your interest, your hobbies or your skills.

Choosing a topic of skills is the best thing for blogging. You can share your skills, your ideas to the open world. You only need to think about reader's interest.

Blogger tipsDon't choose a topic in which you are so sensitive. 

Don't choose a topic on which you can not debate.

Choose a topic in which you have lots of interest.

Choose a topic on which you can research for new things.

Choose a topic on which you can help your readers.

But again I want to say the topic should be according to public interest too.
So, first you need to look into yourself and discover yourself,throw out your internal talent to the world.

Now I want to clear your doubts about earning from blog. I told you not to think about earning. If you choose the right & interesting topic on which you can help your readers, then you no need to think about earning, because if your blog interesting and people findings interesting topics which helping them, So they will come again and again and also recommend it to others.

And finally your earnings will increase automatically, and more than earning you will become A successful blogger.

In next session we will talk about the contents of posts.

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