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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How to Create a Blog ?

Hi Friends,
I am here again, O.K. so let's start
Today we will learn "How to create a Blog ?"

Create a Blog
How to Create a Blog
In my previous article "What is a Blog ?", I mentioned that the Blog works like a website, but it quite easy to make a Blog, than a Website, You don't need to understand "What is HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPTS, Or other languages". Now a days, it is very simple to create a blogand it don't take a little PENNY from you, Yes, Its total free of cost.

(in fact you can make some money from blog - we will learn in upcoming articles).

Today, there are so many Platforms who provide Free blogging, It is your choice to choose one or more of them, you can create many Blogs on any platform. Here I am providing you a list of Blogging Platform. This list is not arranged as per TOP Platform. Its should be consider as a list only (not ranking).

3. Tumblr

Now let's see "How to Create a Blog"
Just choose a Platform, I will go with Blogger. Open Blogger.comand Log in with your Google username and password, after log in you will see a link "Create New Blog", Click this link.

Note:- Don't waste your time to think much about the new blog, just create as an example, it does not matter what should be the title, address and template; We are creating this just to learn how it works. You should create your personal Blog after learning everything. This example Blog will work as a Practice Blog.

After click on this link a Pop Up window will open which ask for-

Title, Address and Templates:-

Title                   (for example - I want to be a Successful Blogger)
Address            (like -
Tamplate           (choose any one, which you like, you may change it later, so dont worry about this)

Here we go, Its done !!!
Really, You made it.
Your Blog is ready to post and publish to the web.

The other Platform also work like this, there are nothing to confuse you. Its so simple. Isn't it?

So, Now you created your Practice Blog.

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