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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How to Create Pages on a Blogger Blog

Hello Friends,

Today I will tell you about how you can give a complete website like interface for your Blogger's blog by Creating Pages.

One of my friend told me that when he was just surfing the web normally and reading some useful information on the internet, he just saw a blog containing some pages like any professional website. These pages were tagged as "About Me" & "Contact". So he asked me, Can I create / add pages like this one.

My answer was - Why not. You and any blogger like you can create website like Pages for their own blogs. has introduced this feature back in February 2010. This was a revolution in Bloggers industry. Now any blogger can give a professional look to his/her blog. This feature gained a lot of positive feedback from Blogger's user and it still on the top most valuable part of any blog.

This feature lets you easily publish static information on stand-alone pages. For example, you can create an About This Blogpage that discusses the evolution of your blog, or a Contact Mepage that provides directions, a phone number, and a map to your location. 

So Let's see how it works on a blogger blog.

First you have to Log-in to your Blogger's Account and select the blog on which you want to create pages.

After selecting the blog, you will be redirected to its overview page. On this page, there are some useful links you can find on the left side bar like Posts, layout, settings and so on. You can find a link to "Pages" listed in this list. You may take help of image given here to find out Pages Link.

Create Pages to Blogges Blog
Create Pages - Figure - 1
After going through this link you will be redirected to its internal page where you will see a "Home" already listed here. It represent the very first page of your blog that is your blog address like

There is a button up there reads "New Page" with a drop-down menu symbol. If you want to create a page so have to drop it down and you will find two options 1. Blank Page & 2. Web Address.
Create Pages to Blogges Blog
Create Pages - Figure - 2

1. Blank Page - When you create a Blank Page, you will redirected to the same position when you create a new post. Where you type Page Name instead of Post Title and whatever you type in the Text Box will be published on the Page. You can name your page as "About Us" and in the text box you may provide the information about your blog. Now on your blogs home page visitor can see a link of "About Us" and when he/she clicks on it they will redirected to the attached page. You can do this as you create a new post. Its so simple. Isn't it?
Create Pages to Blogges Blog
Create Pages - Figure - 3

2. Web Address - When you select this option, a popup window opens and ask for the text and a link. In the text box whatever you type will be the page name and in the link box, you have to mention a link. for example in the Text box you may type Earn Money Online and in the link box you can provide this link So you added a page on your blog which read Earn Money Online and when someone clicks on it, he/she will be redirected to website.

Note:- Do not forget to "Turn on" the "Don't Show" option. Here you can select where you want to show pages link. You may select on Top Bar or the Side Bar.

So, what are you waiting for, just create some wonderful pages for your blog and give it a professional look.

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