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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How to write an Effective Blog Post Title

Dear Friends,
The Title of any blog post is the most important part of the blog, because when some one do search on Google or other search engines, the results comes with Blog Post Titles. So, it is veryimportant thing that you should have more care about choosing an effective Blog Post Title.

How to choose an effective Blog Post Title ?

First you should write down all the titles which can be a good title for your posts, write down at least 15- 20 titles. Now do a search on Google for all of your titles and look care fully at the results, and make your title different from the others. It will help your post to be listed on top results.

Effective Blog Post Titles
Effective Blog Titles
Try to write a keyword based title. These titles generally uses a question. What I mean is - suppose you are a visitor and looking for some help to format your computer. So, how will you search for help, isn't it will like a question that is "How to format a Computer". Most of the people do search like this, so you can title you post as "How to format a computer - 5 easy ways". Do not title your post as "5 ways to format computer", your post will have a less ranking as well as a less Click Through Rate.

Try to write a Subjective Title. Post title must be related to the content / article. This is true that visitor being attract by your Post Title but stay for a long time if he/she finds related content under it. If you give a fake title to your content, it is possible that people visit it but it is for sure that they will not stay on your blog and also will not visit your blog in the future.

Try to write a Short Titles instead of long and deeply described titles. You have blog content to describe your words, you should make your title short, readable and very much related to the article.Be aware of grammatical mistake. Google generally displays 65 letters of title in its search results, so it will be batter if you limityour blog post title up to 65 letters.

Are you in hurry - Just take a quick look 
  • Blog Post Titles should not be more than 65 letters.
  • Blog Post Titles must be related to the article.
  • Try to write unique Blog Post Titles.
  • You may use keywords in Blog Post Titles.
  • Use question in Blog Post Titles. 
  • Be aware of grammatical mistakes.
  • Never make a FAKE TITLE.
Have a Happy Blogging.

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