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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Video: Introduction to Oracle

Transcript:Introduction to Oracle

Hi, my name is Muhammad from the website, and I am here today for for the   to give a brief introduction to Oracle.

Oracle Basics

Oracle is a relational database system. It acts as the data layer to many applications and is often used in enterprise level applications. Being a service, it does not have a native graphical user interface, although many very good graphical user interfaces have been created for it, as well as many engines on more generic graphical user interfaces.
Being a database system, it is naturally responds to the standard for database systems called structured query language or SQL, although like every database system, Oracle uses its own flavor, or dialect, of SQL.

Uses for Oracle

Oracle is very much favored in a production environment for enterprise systems, as very complex stored procedures and triggers can be set up in a database to carry out maintenance and production data logic functions that would not be suitable in the interface layer or the business logic layer. Some designers prefer to use Oracle because they can implement certain portions of the business logic in the data logic server. Oracle has stored procedures and triggers. And likewise, very complicated maintenance tasks can be set up.
My name is Muhammad, thanks for watching; for more information about Oracle, you can go to

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