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Business Letter Format
Marwat House, Gulshan Faizan, Nawab Adda, Uni Road.
D.I.Khan, K.P.K, Pakistan. Postal Code: 29050
24 February 2015

Mr. Muhammad Zaman Khan
M.K.Auto Body Parts. Industrial Area No.2
Sharjah, U.A.E.
Dear Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Khan Marwat

            Salaam, After saying Salaam, I hope that you are well doing your business. As I recently have checked the bank balance then I think to be invest them in such a way that to make them good for myself. And I also want to vast my business in the whole area. You also are doing well so I want you to be my best customer from my company what I will sell. I will give you a very of the good percentage of it. So if you know you agree than I will commit a very of the well deal with you.

            Approximately my deal will start from 9999999 because it also make a very of the less Tax. You know very well the procedure that I am going to apply on my business occupation. I hope you will feel and enjoy the way of business I am already doing. It will be my pleasure you to work with me. Wassalaam.

Your Sincerely,
Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan.
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