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Saturday, 21 March 2015

English: Learn English: Kinds of Verb

Kinds of Verb

1- Principal Verb:
It is main action. You are well familiar with the forms of principal verbs.
Walk, run, see, sit, eat, sleep, drink etc.

2- Helping Verb:
It helps the main verb. It is not necessary to be present in every sentence.
Is, are, am, was, were, will, shall, can, may, should, would, ought, might, be, been, could etc

3- Transitive Verb:
It follows the object. Its necessary to use object in its sentence.
She plucks a flower.
He reads a book.

4- Intransitive Verb:
It ends without object and the meaning of sentence is clear without using object.
Baby sleeps, birds chirp etc.

5- Complement:
It completes a sentence and is called “Being Verb”.
I am a girl.
You seem happy etc. Rules for Verbs:
No sentence is complete without a verb.
Verb itself is a sentence.
Difference in forms of verb depends upon tense used.
It is the most important part of a sentence.

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