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Saturday, 21 March 2015

English: Learn Enlgish: Kinds of Conjection

Kinds of Conjunction

Followings are the kinds of Conjunction:
1- Coordinating Conjunction:
It joins two sentences but if we remove it, the sentence gives complete meaning.
And, but, where, if, yet, so etc

2- Subordinating Conjunction:
It also joins two sentences but its one clause gives incomplete meaning without the other clause.
If, although, unless, until, whenever, after, as etc

3- Correlative Conjunction:
These are used altogether and show relation to each other.
Either, or, neither, nor, both, not only, but also etc
Rules for Conjunction:
1- Its meaning is complete and clear until and unless both parts of a sentence are used e.g. You will pass if you work hard.
2- All Question Words if used as Conjunction give Positive meaning e.g. what, when, where, who, whom, whose etc
3- “If’ is called Conditional Word” because there is condition in its sentence involved.
4- Tense of both parts of a sentence can be different depending upon time. Its detail is in section of jumbled Sentences.

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