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English: Learn Enlgish: Kinds of Preposition

Kinds of Preposition

1- Simple Prepositions:
In, on, under, behind, beside, near, at, for, from, of, above etc

2- Double Prepositions:
Within, into, onto, upward etc

3- Compound Prepositions
Through, against, in front of etc

4- Prepositions of Place:
On, at, above, under, beneath, down, up etc

5- Prepositions of Time:
At, about, before, after, within, since (For some fixed time e.g. morning, today, tomorrow, evening etc), for (For some time which is not fixed e.g. number of days, hours, weeks, months, years etc) etc
Rules for Prepositions:
1- It is used after verb whether Principal Verb or Helping Verb.
2- If it is changed, meaning of verb are also changed e.g. come on, come in, come out, come of etc.
3- These are also used with adverbial Phrase.
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