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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Google Adsense Alternatives Sites to Make Money Online

adsense alternatives
The key part of the advertisement campaign of any internet advertisement campaign is putting up a display on Google. But very often Google will tell the user that they are no longer able to display the advertisement on Google. This could be a very adverse step for the business. But there are Google Adsense Alternatives

Why are Google Adsense Alternatives needed?

There are a number of reasons as to why Google may not wish to display an advertisement on its sight; these may include an advertiser not following all the rules of Google. This is where the need for a Google Adsense Alternatives comes up. The basic purpose of Google adsense alternative is to remove the need for Google advertisements by providing a better advertisement solution than Google. These sites not only have better revenue sharing policy but also have lesser stringent rules than Google. The following part of the article will tell us about 4 such alternatives to Google advertisements.

Top 4 Google Adsense Alternatives


This is a pay per link advertisement website which allows the consumer to make revenue through blogs based on specific networks. Users can create an advertisement account on this website very easily and there are almost no complex rules that will adversely affect the advertisement cycle or the revenue cycle of the company in question. The website has a very little charge when it comes to creating an account and starting up; often this is just $50. Although it might take a while to start earning revenue from the site, it is a great choice for midterm and long term ventures.


Kontera is similar to Infolink and is a text based advertisement website which allows users to make revenue on a regular basis. The payment to this site, like Infolink, needs to be made through Paypal and will be a very cheap for the company. Kontera is a better option in case the user is looking for a smaller site which will help generate revenue through a blog.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the one of the biggest online retail portals. In a very simple sense the user can create an account on Amazon and have a blog on which they can paste links. In case the blog is used to sell any product from Amazon, the user will be paid a small amount of the sale. The user can also put up pictures of the product they are advertising. Although this is not a pay per post site or a CPM site, this still is a good option for promotional blogs.

Buy Sell Ads

The best part of Buy Sell ads is that in case a user has an advertisement site but has no customers who want to advertise Buy Sell Ads is the place for them. Another part of the Buy Sell Ads is that it will share the revenue generated by the selling of ads in a 75% and 25% division.
With these alternatives in mind it is no longer a do or dies scenario if Google does not wish to comply with the user’s advertisement needs.

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